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The Nehemiah Biblical Entrepreneurship Program is a comprehensive entrepreneurship training program that will transform your life and business through God’s Word. The program is taught in three courses: Principles of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE I), Practices of Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE II) and Planning a Biblically-based Business (BE III). The clear, concise and practical principles have immediate ‘take home’ value that can impact business quickly.

Biblical Entrepreneurship ...

Micro business is an excellent way to promote economic growth in rural communities, creating vital sources of employment. The rapid change from communism to a Free Market System has been daunting for many Romanians. There are many small business opportunities, but the lack of skills and finances required to start up a business is most challenging. The collapse of communism and introduction of commercialization, along with higher European Union standards have created performance demands that are a hardship for many, making it difficult to function in a productive manner. It is our hope to help equip many people to cope with these changes by helping them become self-supporting.


Ultimately the real advantage of this project will be the enablement of TABITA MINISTRIES to fulfill their mandate of ‘SHARING HOPE FOR A BETTER WAY’ by effectively sharing the Gospel, bringing people to the saving Grace of Jesus Christ.

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