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Oskar House of Hope
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Happenings in Romania
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Dear Milton & Kathi,                                                                                                   August 2021

Hope and pray that you are well and blessed by our Lord! With the Lord’s help and mercy and with your love and sacrifice we can finish well, the first six months of year 2021. We had many problems and challenges this year, sickness, and very hard work to help and encourage others.

We continue our ministry here in all 4 of our churches, to preach and visit and help many families and old people and poor family with children. Many have big problems because of Covid 19. Some of our people and relatives died and remain with many sorrows and tears, and hopelessness. Others no longer have a job and many other difficulties.  We stay here in Romania to try to encourage and help them. Also, we travel and preach in many churches around Romania and on some Christian radio and tv motivational programs.

We want to thank you for all your love which you show to us all these years!  We understand how much God loves us and our poor and small ministry here in Romania because He send you to be partners with us in all these things! We pray to our Lord to bless you and your family with all blessings which He knows that you have need!

We love you and miss you very much!  God bless you!

Marius & Tabita

P.S.  Tabita has started to write poetry during the last months of many sufferings.  Many people appreciate and encourage her to continue to write. 

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