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Your Prayer and Financial Partnership is vital to this ministry.  Thank You for working together with us to further God’s Kingdom on earth. BLESS YOU!

​Make your tax deductible partnership through ICMS...

CAPSTONE MISSION SOCIETY (CMS) serves in Canada and Romania as an agent under the authority of INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN MISSION SERVICES.  ICMS administers all legal and regulatory matters relating to the operations of CMS in Canada and the United States and issues tax receipts for both countries.


Capstone Mission Society complies with CRA guidelines for non-profits through our relationship with International Christian Mission Services.

ICMS has direction and control of the resources donated to ICMS on behalf of our ministry and holds us accountable for the work that we do.

When you click on the above DONATION BUTTON you will be taken to the ICMS website. 

If your donation is to be directed to VICTORY HOUSE, click down on the designation line and choose CAPSTONE MISSION SOCIETY-VICTORY HOUSE

Thinking of selling or trading your old car, small truck, van or boat?  Why not donate it? 

You will receive a tax deductible receipt for the sale amount of your vehicle. 


To get the process started CONTACT US ...

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