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I felt defeated because I failed at sobriety so many times.

I have had the privilege of living at Victory House for just over a year. Before I came to Victory House, I graduated from a Christian based recovery ministry here in Abbotsford. I struggled with a meth addiction for about 10 years and found myself constantly relapsing even after treatment. I felt so defeated because I failed at sobriety so many times. I cried out to God to give me the life that I dreamed of and set a huge goal for myself knowing and believing that God would guide me to success. To achieve this goal, I truly had to understand what it meant to trust in the Lord with all my heart, mind, and soul and to recognize my downfalls and surrender those to him. I love living at Victory house because it provides me a home setting with just enough accountability for me to succeed. I am in a place of leaders that guide the men who come through Victory House the importance of healthy living such as cooking nutritious meals and the importance of keeping home clean.


I do want to mention a certain truth about anybody who has lived in a treatment center verses what Victory House provides. When somebody is in a treatment center it is easy to stay clean and sober, because there is always supervision and accountability. All that person would need to do is follow the rules and guidance of the treatment center, they are living in a bubble of safety. This is meant to create a foundation to sober living. Victory House is the next step, building your house to Victory. Victory House allows me to work, build my life up while living here and set goals.

I knew that I couldn’t move out on my own even after a year in recovery, to be honest I was scared to. My good friend and former client of Victory House suggested this place. I am very happy to say that I have over 2 years sobriety and feel more confident than I have ever felt in sobriety. I feel safe and comfortable. I can finally put the tools that I have gained for sober living into good use. -Eric J.

'Completely Free from Drugs and Alcohol'

After four years of living in a recovery house I became completely free and clean from drugs and alcohol. Life has been difficult and at times I wasn’t sure I would make it through. I used to live in Vancouver where I would see a harm reduction doctor. He would prescribe to me any drug I wanted. This did nothing to help my addiction – I got sick and tired of it. My only hope left was to surrender to God and with His help, start over. I moved to Abbotsford with nothing but the clothes on my back. I am a new creation, and I have a new life now. God is present in my life. I never expected that this is where I would be, but the Lord works in mysterious ways. I am still vulnerable, but since moving into Victory House, every day is a gift.

Connie and Calvin Capostinsky, who run Victory House are among the nicest people I’ve ever met. Their faith is unshakable and never ending. I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather have to lead me in my walk with Christ and to be held accountable too. I am on disability and unable to work fulltime, so I volunteer regularly at two locations. I go to a meeting once a week and go to church of course. We have a gathering every Tuesday night, where we sing and praise God. We have a barbecue once a month. I get the chance to listen to devotions and check in with friends on those days. There are moments when I sense that I have never been closer to Christ.

I have a shy and reserved personality, but I’m not ashamed of God’s growing presence in me life. You never know what the Lord has for you. You could be walking your own path in a secular life, when suddenly you are saved by the Holy Spirit, like I was. I’m nothing like I used to be, and I’m twice the person I was.  All glory to God! I’m not quite ready to head out on my own in life, but like I say – ‘I’m safe here at Victory House’. With Connie and Calvin’s guidance, I only expect to grow closer to God.  - David W.

'SHALOM' ... This word says it all.

Today I have something in my life that was missing for many years - 'PEACE'

A year ago I wasn’t doing too well. I was drifting on a sea of teardrops. There was no peace in my life, and every day was a struggle. I was consumed and fueled by anger. Anger at the world and most of all anger at myself. Every day was full of regrets – woulda – coulda- shoulda. Everything seemed hopeless, a dead end, and I had no motivation. Procrastination was my middle name, but in the midst of everything dark, the Lord put my dear friend Calvin on my path with an invitation to join him and get on board at Shalom Ministries. I jumped at the opportunity and I am certainly glad I did. I have been here a year now and have really grown in my relationships with others; but above all, my relationship with Christ. The things I was praying for a year ago are happening in my life today.  Hope, vision, healthy relationships and a passion for life. Doors are opening and things I could only dream about before are part of my life today. Yes, coming to Shalom Ministry saved my life literally.  Get on board, people, and become part of transforming lives.  Gaylord G.

This is the testimony of a former resident of Shalom House (now called Victory House)

‘HARM REDUCTION’  ... todays watchword in the Drug and Alcohol Rehab industry.


Their definition - Harm Reduction is an evidence-based, client-centred approach that seeks to reduce the health and social harms associated with addiction and substance use, without necessarily requiring people who use substances from abstaining or stopping.

"Most who have recovered from substance abuse and who are experiencing ‘Victory’ practice total abstinence. Harm Reduction has its place and can sometimes sustain life until a person desires help and wants to be totally free of their addiction - and it can also enable the addict to continue the path of destruction and misery.


Here at Victory House we believe in abstinence-based recovery:

we believe the addict/alcoholic can find total healing and deliverance in Christ.


“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” (John 8:36)

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